Becoming a
Conscious Creator

Transcend your limitations.Step into your highest self. Expand your life from the inside out.


Becoming a
Conscious Creator

Transcend your limitations. Step into your highest self. Expand your life from the inside out.


Ready to break free from the old, small ways of being that are slowing you down and holding you back so you can catapult into the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive life you desire?

But you don’t want to do all the things they say *you need* to do:

But you don’t want to do all the things they say *you need* to do:

Well then you, my love... are in the right place!

You’re incredibly grateful for what you have and where you are…

But you know that you’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible for you — and you want more. A lot more.

  • You want more love, depth and harmony in your intimate relationships

  • You want more growth, effortless expansion and soul-aligned opportunities in your work or business

  • You want more magic, money and miracles flowing to you on a consistent basis

Not because where you are isn't good enough — but because you’re a limitless being — and you want your physical experience to reflect the bigness of who you really are and who you came to this planet to be.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • Maybe you’ve been doing all of the mindset and inner work you’ve been told to do — but when it comes down to it, you’re still the same person, creating the same limiting experiences and living the same, not-so-fulfilling life, year after year, on loop

  • Or maybe you’ve cracked into elevated experiences here, there and randomly, but the desires of your soul aren’t coming into physical form intentionally, consistently and continuously

  • Or maybe you’re already rocking and rolling on your desired path and you’re ready to turn up the heat. To collapse time from where you are right now… to where you know in your soul you were always meant to be — but what got you to where you are right now… is no longer creating huge shifts and quantum leaps

But for some reason, your soul’s vision isn’t fully manifesting in your day-to-day reality.

And you don't know why... but I do. 

Because what you desire to create and who you’re consistently being are on two different frequencies.

her'e's the gap

You say you want to experience inner peace — yet you entertain every thought that floats by and get stuck in the same limiting beliefs

You say you want to feel rock solid confidence within yourself — yet you give your power away to temporary experiences and external results

You say you want to experience healthy, intimate, high-level love, mind-blowing connection and drool-worthy depth — yet you imagine that your partner is the only reason you don’t have it

You say you want to tap into the flow of limitless wealth — yet you fall asleep to the illusion of scarcity, attach your worth to money and forget that you generate it yourself

You say you want to elevate the world with your soul’s unique magic and gifts and be massively compensated for doing it — yet you only show up when you have evidence that it’s working and your ego feels validated

And this doesn't work— because you don't get what you want in Life. You get whatever you're an energetic match for.

You get whatever aligns with your current level of consciousness. With who you are on a daily basis.

This is because we live in a vibrational Universe where whatever you bring to the table is what you’re going to eat.

Where whatever you emanate is what you're going to receive.

So if you want to create something else, you’ve got to become something else.

Not just in your mind or in your journal, but in your codes and in your core.

In the way that you show up, move and be.

Then and only then will you go from knowing you're meant for so much more in this lifetime...

To becoming the person who has what it takes to intentionally bring your soul's desires into being.

Becoming a Conscious Creator is the program where I teach you how.

I’m a writer, speaker and thought leader in the personal development space who’s obsessed with helping you unlock your infinite potential in life, love, leadership, money and soul-based business.

Within the first few years of starting my business, my work has attracted a loving and engaged community of over 75k people across 105 countries, has served thousands of clients in my online programs and has generated seven-figures of soul-aligned wealth — all from learning how to come into alignment with my highest, most powerful self and consciously create my reality from the inside out.

But life wasn't always this way. 

Before that, I was anxious, I was depressed… I was working monotonous temp jobs with less than stellar bosses, making just above minimum wage, living paycheck-to-paycheck and drowning in debt. I was also pining over and chasing after totally unhealthy, toxic connections with emotionally unavailable men.

I felt like the world was against me.

Like everything I desired was simply… off limits.

Then one day, I started to notice… I started to see… that the common denominator in all of my limiting, cyclical and unwanted experiences… was me.

This realization didn’t just interest me — it catapulted me into entirely new levels of self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Which meant that, for the first time in my life, instead of just wanting more, I became curious about why I was a perfect match for what I was currently living, experiencing and creating.

And in doing so, I realized that I had thoughts, patterns and behaviors that were incongruent with what I wanted to create and who I wanted to be — which was keeping the desires of my soul from fully taking shape in my reality.

And that if I wanted to create something else, I had to transcend the conditioning of my past so I could step into the fullness of who I really am — and create what was truly possible for and available to me.

This meant that instead of believing my thoughts, I started questioning them.

This meant that instead of avoiding my emotions or letting them paralyze me, I started processing them so I could see clearly and move consciously.

This meant that instead of falling asleep to the illusion of lack, limit and fear, I started opening up to infinite pathways and possibilities.

This meant that instead of entertaining the worst case scenario, I started entertaining the idea that Life has my back and actually, I can do it.

In essence, it meant that instead of living on autopilot from the conditioning of my mind and the experiences of my past, I started actively becoming the person I had to be to create new and expansive realities.

And now, inside of BACC, I’m helping you become the highest, most powerful and fully conscious version of you so you can be who you came here to be and do what you came here to do.

So you can create the big, juicy life you were meant to.


  • Create a gap in the incessant steam of thinking so you can experience unconditional happiness and inner peace 

  • Master your mind and overcome your triggers so you can transcend your emotional reactions and see things clearly 

  • Break free from the unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same limiting experiences 

  • Honor, process and release heavy emotions so you can move towards your goals, desires and dreams with confidence and certainty 

  • Claim yourself as the leader of your life and the creator of your reality so that everything in your life mirrors how you’re moving and who you’re being

  • Deepen your emotional intelligence, refine your communication skills and master conscious conflict resolution so you can become a match for healthy, intimate, high-level relationships

  • Tap into your intuition, harness your magnetic power and co-create with the Universe so you can intentionally bring your soul’s desires into being

  • Dissolve the illusion of scarcity, neutralize your relationship with money and step into your financial power so you can intentionally generate the abundance you both require and desire to receive on repeat

  • Exponentially grow your work or business by building it from ease, alignment, magnetism intuition and feminine energetics

  • Align with your big picture vision for success so you can become the person who has what it takes to create it

Desire to

You're in the right place.

If You

“Finding words that sum up Kristina’s work do not do it justice. The energy of it… WOW, expansive, shifting, quantum leaping. You’ll open up and then some! She’ll call out the bullsh*t of your mind and only meet you in the present moment. That’s where you’ll find alignment, feel abundant and expand your consciousness — and she’ll be there always and available with her potent downloads and experience to guide you. This work is life changing!”

– Lucy

“BACC has changed my life — and I don’t say that lightly. I don’t purchase courses to change my life, as I know they are here to give me breakthroughs and for me to guide myself… but there will now be life as I knew it before BACC… and life after. Forever grateful.”

 – Marguerite 

  • Being anxious and depressed to a deep, inner peace

  • Crippling self-doubt to rocking personal power and unshakeable self-belief

  • Unhealthy connections with emotionally unavailable men to healthy, high-level, life-long partnership

  • Living paycheck-to-paycheck and drowning in debt to being able to intentionally generate limitless wealth

  • Working 12+ hours a day at monotonous temp jobs to running a heart-centered business I love and adore that’s generated seven-figures and serves over 75k people in 105 countries all over the world

Where will they take you?

The                inside took me from:




Like, I feel new. I am new. The “trying” part is over. I know who I am and I don’t have to think about it. And when the doubts / limits / fears come up, I have way more confidence and it’s way less of a big deal. It’s wild. Kristina’s work changes my life every single day I plug into it, which is actually most days.”


“I am an entirely different person after doing this work.

She is one of the only teachers I’ve encountered who illuminates that the path to wealth is so much deeper than money. That it’s about your alignment with here… that it’s about your relationship with now… that it’s about being provided for by the source. I am forever changed by her sweet heart. And my life and my business has changed by her ability to open up my field just from sharing this information and these frequencies.” 


“I am so grateful for the depth that Kristina brings to the money conversation.

 and one that Kristina has created. This is literally the only program of its kind. It’s more than just a program — it’s a way of seeing and being in the world, at a soul/entirely other level. This is awakening to the fact that you are the creator of your life. If you are ready for massive uplevelling and to change in your life right away — this is for you. Kristina guides you with such brilliance and wisdom. Your jaw will drop.”


“Kristina and BACC are in an entirely different league —

 imprinted and coded from past experiences and living on repeat in patterns that weren’t serving me. I was living so small compared to the beautiful, expansive, full of love and life experience that I’m expanding into now. This isn’t a one and done – it’s a way of choosing to be your most powerful, joyful, vulnerable self in each moment and showing grace to yourself and others through it all. Immensely appreciative of the energy and guidance Kistina shares. One of the best, lasting, impactful investments I’ve ever made.” 


“Kristina’s work completely transformed how I experience life. I was unknowingly so stuck in my mind, 

But there was something within that wasn't fully clicking and on a deep soul level, I know there is an infinite amount of expansion and evolution available to me in this lifetime so I purchased the program — and I am over the moon that I did. How Kristina explains things, takes us through journeys and her personal experiences have helped me to feel more grounded and confident in who I am — AND as a cherry on top: I listened to the manifestation module every day for a week straight and had the biggest week of sales in my business. Each time I listen to any module, I get something new and something deeper. BACC is truly the gift that keeps giving.” 


“I am someone who initially didn't think I needed BACC. I practice many things that Kristina talks about so my mind was like: nah.  

I’ve expanded in every single area of my life with ease and power. I’ve had the biggest months of my business without hustling or force, finally broken through to six figures and deeply reconnected with my intuition, soul and body. It feels like coming home. I feel so lit up and liberated. By far the best investment I’ve made in myself and the impact of working with Kristina will be with me in this lifetime and beyond, deeply embedded in my soul.”


“Honestly, words cannot encapsulate the magnitude of how much my life has changed through Kristina’s energy and codes


BACC isn’t your traditional “do this to get that” program. In fact, it’s not about “getting” anything at all.

It’s about unlocking the highest, most powerful and fully conscious version of you and learning how to apply, implement and embody this higher self embodiment in everything you are and do — then watching as your physical reality rises to mirror, match and respond to you.

This is what it means to create from the inside out.

This means that there are no manifestation practices or exercises you need to do — this is simply about learning an entirely new way of thinking, living and being that will naturally transform your entire life.

Because I’m not interested in helping you simply “manifest” superficial things here, there and randomly — I’m interested in helping you deliberately create and intentionally shape a big, bold and beautiful life — consistently and continuously.

And once you understand how to do just that, you may play and experiment with other things along your path… but you’ll finally be able to stop hopping from person to person, program to program and book to book looking for the answers that are already within you.

What makes BACC so special?

This is my promise

Instant and lifetime access to 15 hours of never-been-heard audio transmissions (each module is around 60 minutes in length and is delivered to you via our private podcast feed)

Unlimited replays plus access to future updates and iterations of BACC

Crystal clarity on everything you need to do on a daily basis to intentionally bring your soul's vision (in every area) into being

WHAT you'll receive

“There is ZERO question that after having worked with Kristina, my life is better. I reconnected with who I truly am, with my dreams and my desires. I have the best relationship I have ever been in and my business is building momentum. And I just feel better every single day. This was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

– Rachel

  • You join – YAY!

  • You reach out to me on IG @kristinalicare to celebrate 

  • You receive an email with your custom link to access the private content

  • You jump into the content in the order in which it was intended and laid out

  • You implement and embody this new way of thinking, living and being

  • Your entire life shifts massively as a result


i'm ready

You’re stuck in the story of what hasn’t worked (and why it hasn’t worked for you) up until this moment

You’re committed to your limitations and your excuses

You’re unwilling to take full-blown ownership for who you’re being and what you’re creating

You’re primarily focused on superficial goals and manifestations

You’re looking for quick-term results instead of a deep, lasting and continually evolving transformation

You see this program as a risk, a gamble or an unnecessary expense

this course is


You’re someone who has a growth mindset and is lit up by learning new information, ways of being and processes

You desire more, you know that more is possible and you’re ready to become the person who has what it takes to consciously create it

You’re fully willing to look at how you’ve been showing up, how you’ve been moving and who you’ve been being that's incongruent with your vision

You welcome tough love and activating conversations because you know they’re needed to crack you open and nudge you forward towards your desired transformation

You're excited to unlock the answers you already have within yourself so you can confidently expand your life from the inside out

You see this program as an investment in your growth and evolution

this course is


If you’ve made it this far down the page, I can only assume it’s because you’re seriously considering enrolling in BACC.

And to that I want to say, I’m so freaking excited!

But look, I know that you might have some doubts and fears about joining, so I want to take a moment to ease your mind.

Because maybe this feeling of being super excited to change your life isn’t totally new to you.

Maybe you’ve felt it many times before… but the programs you’ve signed up for never really moved the needle.

I’ve been there, too.

Let’s talk about why this happens:

Because although the content itself may be incredibly powerful, most people have yet to expand beyond the conditioning of their minds — which means that they’re not focused on teaching you how to bring it into your body because they’re not living in their body.

And this is a problem — because true and lasting transformation doesn’t occur just from receiving new information, but from applying it to how you show up, how you move and who you be — which happens on a cellular level in the body.

Which is why inside of BACC, I’m teaching you [over the course of 15 hours] how to step out of your mind, step into your body and apply this work to every area of your life.

I’ve also laid out the curriculum in a way that’s both simple to understand and easy to implement — and each module builds and builds upon itself, so you’ll have a solid foundation to support you as you go deeper.

And last but not least, this program is the work of my soul.

It’s what I was put on this planet to teach, share and do.

So rest assured, I’ve put my whole heart and being into making sure that every single thing you need to become the powerful, conscious creator of your own reality… is here for you.

That being said, I’ve got your back.

I’m holding your hand.

And you’ve got lifetime access to the work… and instant access to any updates and future evolutions to come back to during every moment, cycle and season.

All you need to do… is say “yes.” “Yes” to your growth. “Yes” to your expansion. “Yes” to your evolution.


I’ll do the rest!

Let me              your mind.

let's go


Is this a live program?

No. BACC is an entirely self-led program held on a private podcast. Upon sign up, you’ll receive an email with instant and lifetime access to the content.

Do I need to be at a certain place in my life?

Absolutely not. Although the work inside is incredibly advanced, I break everything down in an easy to understand and implement way for everyone at every level. Where you are is irrelevant: I care more about where you want to go and who you want to become along the path.

Is this for entrepreneurs only?

Although the codes inside will benefit vision-led changemakers and trailblazers in an incredibly massive way, this work is for anyone who wants to live and create their lives more consciously. (There is a module specifically about purpose, business and leadership, although most of the information is geared towards people who are ready to evolve into the version of themselves who can create their soul's vision, business or otherwise!)

Can you guarantee results?

Though I deeply believe in the potency and the power of this work and its ability to change your life, as it’s changed both my life and the lives of thousands of my students, legally, I cannot guarantee results of any kind.

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the fact that you get instant and lifetime access to the entire curriculum as soon as you join, we do not accept refunds under any circumstances. 

Additionally, if you’re using a payment plan, you are legally responsible for completing all payments, regardless of whether or not you choose to complete the program. 

With this in mind, we advise you to be incredibly intentional with your purchase, knowing that this is an investment in your growth and a financial commitment bound by the terms and services of our company.

To read our terms and services, please click here.

Have more questions? Want to make sure it’s the aligned fit before joining?

Email my support team at and they’ll be happy to assist!

What if I want to go deeper with Kristina?

If you’re interested in 1:1 mentorship, you can reach out to me on Instagram at @kristinalicare to learn more and apply.

I also share all upcoming programs there [on my Instagram stories] and on The Open Up Podcast.

The life your soul desires... desires you, too. And once you rise into your highest self, you'll start moving towards it and it will start moving towards you.