Rise into the powerful leader you were born to be so you can create YOUR desired results with ease and absolute certainty.

SAY NO MORE, i'm in!

✦ Entertaining the idea that you can’t do it, you can’t have it and it’s not working

✦ Pulling the plug whenever you don’t see immediate results

✦ Waiting for Life to tell you if you’re going to be successful 

✦ Revisiting the same doubts, fears and limiting beliefs

✦ Imagining that you’re not in control of your manifestations, where the path is going or the money you receive

You want the work of your soul to change millions of lives and make millions of dollars...

To elevate the frequency of the entire planet just because you're you...

Yet you’re still:

So you want to build an empire, lead a movement and leave a legacy, huh?

Your customers are responding to you. 

Your clients are responding to you. 

Your income is responding to you.

Your manifestations are responding to you. 

Your timeline is responding to you.

The question is:

This is not an energetic match.

So if you want the fullness of your vision to come into fruition, you’ve got to become the woman who can bring it forward, carry it out and confidently lead it... because the success of your business isn’t up to chance it’s up to YOU.

Because you are the leading energy that everything is responding to.

I'm a personal development coach and alignment mentor — and I help female leaders and visionaries unlock their infinite potential so they can elevate the planet with their magic and create a beautiful, abundant life.

Since starting my business in 2020, my work has attracted a loving and engaged community of over 55k people, served thousands of clients and has spanned across 70 countries. It has also generated seven figures in soul-aligned wealth.

I’m deeply in love with what I’ve built — it blows my mind every single day… but my favorite part… is who I’ve become along the way.

A woman who knows who she is and where she’s going…

What she’s destined to do and be…

A woman who knows that she is the leader of her life and the creator of her reality.

And now… I want to help you unleash this powerful woman, too.

She lives in you. She is you. Let’s go get her.

Rise into the powerful leader you were born to be so you can create your desired results with ease and absolute certainty. 

Becoming Her


This is about becoming the woman who knows that she can have whatever she desires. Who knows that it’s already on the way — and that the answer is always yes.

Who expects things to work in her world — and who creates the energetic environment for them to do just that.

Who is so sure of who she is and where she’s going, that where she is right now… is irrelevant. That what’s happened up until
this moment…is old news.

Who steps into the level of success that she desires, simply because… she chooses to.

This is about becoming the woman who continually attracts limitless, soul-aligned wealth because she is fully unavailable to get in her own way and block herself.

Where We’re Going

what we're doing

Inside, You Will:

Transcend the conditioned thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are incongruent with what you desire to create and who you desire to be.

Unlock a deep, soul knowing that you are the leading energy — that everything is responding to you  — and move in such a way that continually attracts customers, clients, magic, money and miracles to you.

Radiate a level of personal power so solid and so strong that the manifestation of your desires becomes totally expected and consistent — not because of what you’re doing, but because of who you’re being.

“Kristina will shift the way that you see, experience and exist in the world… forever. And your life will explode with limitless possibilities because of it.”

You know that you’re here on purpose — that the work of your soul is meant to go big  — way bigger than you’re currently allowing it to be — and you’re ready to do the mental, emotional and energetic work of rising into your highest self so you can take it there with ease.

You have yet to crack into (or been able to maintain) the impact, influence and income that you truly desire  — and you’re ready to unleash the level of personal power that allows you to create those results on purpose, continually.

You’re done playing small. You desire to become the woman who is an energetic match to it all  — not later, not tomorrow… not someday down the line… but right here, right now in the only moment there ever is.

yes, please!

Un-Caging Your Heart
Recognizing, witnessing and breaking free from the mental-emotional patterns that have been keeping you from going all out and staying all in.

Aligning With Her
Embodying the woman who is on the other side. Who already has the big, sexy business. The impact, the influence and the income. Who has the rocking personal power and self belief. Who trusts and expects the Universe to support her and provide for her with ease and great abundance at every single turn.

Tapping into Desire
Re-coding the relationship you have with your desires so that you're no longer in lack or need around them; so you can play in fullness and wholeness and become magnetic AF in the process.

Leading Yourself
Choosing and deciding that your success is inevitable and the path is going where you desire it to go when you are the one leading. Walking yourself through your human doubts, fears and insecurities so everything that’s in your energetic field can manifest and come through.

Expecting it to Work, Allowing it to Happen
Setting the tone and creating the environment for things to work, flow and grow in your world. Calibrating to the frequency of ease, well-being and positive expectation as the Universe does its thing behind the scenes.

Building Momentum, Creating Heat
Focusing your attention and energy on what is working so you can compound your impact, influence and income at hyper speed.

Quantum Leaping
Using challenges as a portal to your highest self so you can collapse time from where you are to where you were always meant to be, internally and externally.

The Inevitability Factor
Tapping into the vibration of legacy:  being all in on the game you’re playing now while also knowing that there are infinite games and that everything's adding up and unfolding perfectly.

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You become an energetic match to all that you desire to do, have, AND be.


“Kristina is one of a kind. I’ve never come across anyone who delivers and serves such real, no bullsh*t truth. She is so pure and her work is so powerful.”


What's included inside of Becoming Her?

~8 hours of never been heard (pre-recorded) transmissions to help you rise into the impact, influence and income you desire to create and the woman you came here to be.

Each module also contains a meditation, journal prompts and embodiment exercises to amplify your experience and support you in collapsing timelines.

You have lifetime access to the content. Should new content be added in the future, you will have access to that version, too!

What if I have questions?

While Kristina's programs do not include the ability to get her custom coaching, codes and support, she does have both private coaching and group mastermind experiences that *do* offer this. To apply, email hello@kristinalicare.com

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this work, we do not allow refunds. Additionally, you are fully responsible for all payments, including payment plans, regardless of whether or not you choose to participate in the program or leave.

We advise that you be intentional with your investment and the financial commitment you are agreeing to with this information at hand.

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The world needs your soul's unique magic and gifts. It's time to rise into your power so you can deliver them.